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50 hours of non-stop prayer and worship

Door de wereldgeschiedenis heen zien we dat God verschijnt waar gebeden en aanbeden wordt. Wij willen dat God verschijnt in Nederland! Zijn aanwezigheid is het enige wat de Kerk in haar bestemming kan brengen. In september houden we daarom de tweede ‘50 uur van gebed en aanbidding’. Een moment waarbij gebedsteams, aanbiddingsgroepen, bidders en aanbidders uit het hele land elkaar gaan treffen in Gods aanwezigheid. Kom je ook?

Alle praktische info op een rijtje:

  • Wanneer: Het weekend van 12-14 september.
  • Aanvang: vrijdag 12 september om 20:00
  • Einde: zondagavond 14 september om 22:00
  • Locatie: Dollardstraat 127 te Amersfoort


Deelname gebeds- & aanbiddingsteams: stuur een mail naar 50uur2014@gmail.com om je op te geven voor actieve deelname. Deelname als bezoeker: mail naar 50uur2014@gmail.com het aantal mensen en dagen/tijden dat je komt i.v.m. ruimte. Meer info/aanmelden: 50uur2014@gmail.com

When we go back in revival history it is obvious that God’s presence is always connected to prayer and worship. We want Gods manifest presence in the Netherlands and beyond! His presence is the only way that could bring the church in her full destiny. This is why we will have a 50 hours non-stop worship and prayer meeting in September. It will be a 50 hours gathering of different prayer groups, worship teams, intercessors and worshipers from the Netherlands and other nations, with one desire: to meet God in His presence! You are invited as well!

Practical information:

  • When: 12-14 September 2014
  • Start: Friday September 12th 20:00h
  • End: Sunday September 14th 22:00h
  • Location: Dollardstraat 127, Amersfoort


For prayer and worship teams: send an email to 50uur2014@gmail.com to apply for active participation. For visitors: send an email to 50uur2014@gmail.com indicating number of people and the days/times you want to come (because space is limited). More information: 50uur2014@gmail.com

Summer program in EHOP

This summer EHOP provides a varied program with something for everyone. On July 1st the summer program starts and will continue for nine weeks.

What’s on the program?

  • On Sunday Evening: ‘Night with the King‘. This is a worship evening with lot of room for the Holy Spirit, the prophetic and intimacy with God.
  • On Monday: in the afternoon an introduction about the house of prayer will be given. Between 23:00pm and 2:00am you have the opportunity to meet God during the Night Watch.
  • On Tuesday: in the afternoon there is a creative workshop after a bible study about the passionate heart of God. In the evening there will be a set called ‘Healing in His Presence where we will pray for personal needs.
  • On Wednesday: we organize an outreach to the city of Doetinchem where we will testify of Jesus on the streets. In the evening a movie about God’s work of revival worldwide will be shown. If the weather is okay, there will also be campfire worship!
  • On Thursday: In the morning we pray for the persecuted church, in the afternoon there is a seminar about listening to God’s voice we will end this day with a time of worship and intercession.
  • On Friday: In the morning we have a time of intercession for Israel. We conclude the week with a traditional sabbath meal that is completely prepared by EHOP.

On every weekday you can schedule you own personal moment with God in the prayer room between 9:00am and 13:00 pm through a sign-up list on the door of the EHOP building.

The exact program and times you can find on this website. See the schedule on the right of this page and have a look on the list with upcoming events.

We hope to meet you this summer in the European House of Prayer, located on the campsite De Betteld.

-EHOP team.

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What happened during the 50 hours of prayer and worship

From 10am on the 13th of April unto 12pm on the 15th of April EHOP opened her doors for the first ’50 hours of Worship & Intercession’. Almost all Dutch houses of prayer were present.


The vision for this meeting came from a mandate and promise from God to establish more spiritual unity among worshippers and intercessors in our nation. God spoke that the time was ready for a group of key prayer leaders in the Netherlands to arise and form a ‘council’ with authority to bind, unbind and take place in God’s moves across Europe. It is always prayer and worship that usher in new moves of God! Besides that, we believe that Holland will need such a council in times of war, famine, disaster and persecution the end times will bring.

Organising this prayer meeting

Organising this prayer meeting was an adventure in itself, because it was never done before. But from the moment we started moving, our faith increased along. Within a week after launching almost all houses of prayer committed themselves to partake in the conference. How have we felt the power of unity that came forth from this unanimous decision!

We divided the 50 hours in ‘sets’ of 2 hours each. Each house of prayer could adopt a few sets. It was amazing to notice the unity in our collective DNA. It was so easy so sing, pray, prophecy and dance along with the other houses of prayer! It felt as one big family reunion:) On the other side was it powerful to notice the differences in accents each house of prayer has developed over the years. One is outstanding in bringing people in intimacy with God, while the other is so fiery that it lifts all the others up in breakthrough intercession for our nation.

Strong sense of unity

We had 50 hours filled with passionate worship, honest prayers and each new set seemed to be better than the one before. Houses of prayer were helping each other out with singing, playing the instruments or joining in prayer.

There was no ‘own kingdom building’ but just a strong focus on one Person: Jesus!

After the weekend we had a strong sense of unity. No meeting or conversation could have given a better renewal of our vision en faith. God is building His house in The Netherlands. One of the prayer leaders stated: “Over the years we have grown as a movement in numbers, but also in quality.” We agree with this remark and believe that God has opened a new season for united worship and intercession in Europe. Holland will be part of this!

Next step

During the weekend we asked God to show our next step. He spoke to our core team to have a next ’50 hours of Worship & Intercession’ in October this year. So if you missed this first 50 hours, note the next one in your agenda from 19 unto 21 October 2012.

50 uur Gebed & Aanbidding 13 - 15 april

13 – 15 April: 50 hours of non-stop Worship & Intercession

A unique unity has been developed between the intercessors in the Netherlands. We feel that the time has come to fill the spiritual gaps in the Netherlands with worship and intercession.

We desire to see national prayer meetings in the Netherlands where prayer houses, prayer groups, intercessors and worshipers together form a chain of prayer that will not be broken during a certain hours and days. We want to realize this dream in part during 13 – 15 April where there will be 50 hours of non-stop worship and prayer for the Netherlands.

We long to build an altar of worship and prayer for the living God of Israel so that He will come with fire! Amen?!

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