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What happened during the 50 hours of prayer and worship

From 10am on the 13th of April unto 12pm on the 15th of April EHOP opened her doors for the first ’50 hours of Worship & Intercession’. Almost all Dutch houses of prayer were present.


The vision for this meeting came from a mandate and promise from God to establish more spiritual unity among worshippers and intercessors in our nation. God spoke that the time was ready for a group of key prayer leaders in the Netherlands to arise and form a ‘council’ with authority to bind, unbind and take place in God’s moves across Europe. It is always prayer and worship that usher in new moves of God! Besides that, we believe that Holland will need such a council in times of war, famine, disaster and persecution the end times will bring.

Organising this prayer meeting

Organising this prayer meeting was an adventure in itself, because it was never done before. But from the moment we started moving, our faith increased along. Within a week after launching almost all houses of prayer committed themselves to partake in the conference. How have we felt the power of unity that came forth from this unanimous decision!

We divided the 50 hours in ‘sets’ of 2 hours each. Each house of prayer could adopt a few sets. It was amazing to notice the unity in our collective DNA. It was so easy so sing, pray, prophecy and dance along with the other houses of prayer! It felt as one big family reunion:) On the other side was it powerful to notice the differences in accents each house of prayer has developed over the years. One is outstanding in bringing people in intimacy with God, while the other is so fiery that it lifts all the others up in breakthrough intercession for our nation.

Strong sense of unity

We had 50 hours filled with passionate worship, honest prayers and each new set seemed to be better than the one before. Houses of prayer were helping each other out with singing, playing the instruments or joining in prayer.

There was no ‘own kingdom building’ but just a strong focus on one Person: Jesus!

After the weekend we had a strong sense of unity. No meeting or conversation could have given a better renewal of our vision en faith. God is building His house in The Netherlands. One of the prayer leaders stated: “Over the years we have grown as a movement in numbers, but also in quality.” We agree with this remark and believe that God has opened a new season for united worship and intercession in Europe. Holland will be part of this!

Next step

During the weekend we asked God to show our next step. He spoke to our core team to have a next ’50 hours of Worship & Intercession’ in October this year. So if you missed this first 50 hours, note the next one in your agenda from 19 unto 21 October 2012.

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