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What happened during the 50 hours of prayer and worship

From 10am on the 13th of April unto 12pm on the 15th of April EHOP opened her doors for the first ’50 hours of Worship & Intercession’. Almost all Dutch houses of prayer were present.


The vision for this meeting came from a mandate and promise from God to establish more spiritual unity among worshippers and intercessors in our nation. God spoke that the time was ready for a group of key prayer leaders in the Netherlands to arise and form a ‘council’ with authority to bind, unbind and take place in God’s moves across Europe. It is always prayer and worship that usher in new moves of God! Besides that, we believe that Holland will need such a council in times of war, famine, disaster and persecution the end times will bring.

Organising this prayer meeting

Organising this prayer meeting was an adventure in itself, because it was never done before. But from the moment we started moving, our faith increased along. Within a week after launching almost all houses of prayer committed themselves to partake in the conference. How have we felt the power of unity that came forth from this unanimous decision!

We divided the 50 hours in ‘sets’ of 2 hours each. Each house of prayer could adopt a few sets. It was amazing to notice the unity in our collective DNA. It was so easy so sing, pray, prophecy and dance along with the other houses of prayer! It felt as one big family reunion:) On the other side was it powerful to notice the differences in accents each house of prayer has developed over the years. One is outstanding in bringing people in intimacy with God, while the other is so fiery that it lifts all the others up in breakthrough intercession for our nation.

Strong sense of unity

We had 50 hours filled with passionate worship, honest prayers and each new set seemed to be better than the one before. Houses of prayer were helping each other out with singing, playing the instruments or joining in prayer.

There was no ‘own kingdom building’ but just a strong focus on one Person: Jesus!

After the weekend we had a strong sense of unity. No meeting or conversation could have given a better renewal of our vision en faith. God is building His house in The Netherlands. One of the prayer leaders stated: “Over the years we have grown as a movement in numbers, but also in quality.” We agree with this remark and believe that God has opened a new season for united worship and intercession in Europe. Holland will be part of this!

Next step

During the weekend we asked God to show our next step. He spoke to our core team to have a next ’50 hours of Worship & Intercession’ in October this year. So if you missed this first 50 hours, note the next one in your agenda from 19 unto 21 October 2012.

Introduction to the European House of Prayer

A house of prayer is a permanent place where God and people can meet at any chosen time. A place where intimacy with God is facilitated. A place where God finds Himself a resting place. A resting place because of the continuous worship, meditation and intercession. This expressions of relationship are to be accompanied by creative elements like music, art and dance. Read on how we are working in the European House Of Prayer (EHOP) to establish such a place…..

Mission – Why are we doing EHOP

This house of prayer will function as a birthplace of a new movement of friends of God who are working together with Holy Spirit to prepare the way for the returning Bridegroom.
In different stages EHOP will help to hasten the day of the Lord.
In the first phase she will be involved in rearing and training people that have the calling to be a forerunner in the spirit of Elijah. By prayer, worship, fasting and offering this new generation will be equipped to awaken the church for a fresh desire for her Bridegroom.
In a following phase EHOP will aim to open her doors for many hungry (just saved) believers who are shocked by the global disasters, persecution, diseases and threats. EHOP wants to facilitate a place to pray, hear God’s word, hide and serve God in the darkest moments of earths history.
EHOP also wants to supply prophecy, knowledge of the end-times and ways of intimacy with God when false teachings are all around.

Vision – What do we believe for the future

Prayer and worship will make way for the outpouring of the latter rain. This is a global outpouring of Holy Spirit, unprecedented in human history. Heaven’s impact will increase to a level that we as church start to walk in here full destiny again. Revival, signs and wonders, but also sacrifice and martyrdom will be accompanied by great numbers of souls that are going to be saved. Resistance will try to destroy this movement, but it will bring the church more and more in the place of prayer and worship.

By this the bride-church is getting prepared for here eternal destiny to rule the earth together with Him. In the darkest hour He will hear her cry and set here free for ever. The Kingdom of Heaven breaks in, and we as children of God start to live our real lives and walk out our real callings: living in His presence, worshiping Him forever with everything we think, say and do and ruling over the earth.

Strategy – How do we work?

Prayer room

In order to fulfill our mission, we are running a prayer room. In this place our staff is taking others along in intercession, worship and meditation during different moment a day. All people are welcome to join in worship and prayer by participating in the ‘Harp & Bowl model’. There is an openness for participants, visitors and cooperation with all different kinds of churches and ministries.

Prophetic music

Full time staff is in training to grow in prophetic singing. As a result of Holy Spirit inspiration new songs will rise. EHOP wants to record and release this music, believing that God wants to bring shifts in the church by means of new, prophetic songs.

Life Messages

Full time staff is trained and encouraged to develop life messages while spending hours in the prayer room. In first place this messages will be preached in our community. Second, whenever a possibility occurs and God guides, EHOP will send out speakers to churches, youth-events, seminars etc. to speak on their life messages.


Young people will be involved by offering them three months internships in EHOP. During this period they will be educated in end times, intimacy, intercession, holiness, leadership etc. Secondly they will be trained in prayer, worship and fasting. Last they will be challenged to put into practice what they are learning by partaking in the prayerhouse.


EHOP organises conferences for a wider range of interested people. During this conferences believers will be taken along in the journey to a lifestyle of prayer and worship. Speakers from the international prayer movement together with local leaders will teach and different worship teams will lead in worship.

Voluntary staff

EHOP wants to enable people from all different spheres of society to take part in continuous prayer and worship. For that reason there is (some) housing and a program for long term and short term staff. During their stay they are welcome to pray along, but they will also be encouraged to grow in their abilities in prayer or worship leading.


Out of a lifestyle of prayer and worship EHOP is involved in outreaches as well. Different forms and styles are practised or planned: street evangelism, alpha courses, special services and out reach trips to cities in Europe or Israel.


Out of a life of prayer and worship EHOP will also be involved in justice projects. This involvement can range from supporting missions in the third world, campaigns against abortion or help for drug-addicts.


EHOP is a dynamic family of intercessors and worshipers located in the Netherlands, close to the German border. We are looking forward to run 24/7 in the near future.

We love to welcome others with the same desire! Located on a big christian conference centre in the Netherlands, we have the facilities to serve intercessors with a place to unite and pray. We long to host European prayer gatherings and end times training schools to see change come to this continent. Join hands and heart with us!

We believe the church will be awakened through worship and prayer by spiritual forerunners. Awoken and anointed the church will cooperate with Jesus in the end time harvest in Europe. Europe is not a lost case, it will see revival!

People who are interest to pray, to give practical or financial support can send an email to ehopfamily@gmail.com

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