Feast of Tabernacles 2012



Globally the DNA of the houses of prayer is interwoven with a strong love for Israel. By some, houses of prayer are called ‘spiritual embassies’ for God’s chosen people. A connection exists between this ancient people and this fresh movement of God’s Spirit. In EHOP we try to make it really practical: celebrating the Jewish festivals.

EHOP was dedicated to God during the feast of tabernacles or Sukkot in 2010. Sukkot is a prophetic feast to open a house of prayer. The festival looks back on the days that God dwelled among the children of Israel in a simple desert tent. It also looks forward to the (near) future, when God descents from heaven to live for all eternity together with mankind on the same planet. A house of prayer is a present day picture of this heavenly dream: God and man living together intimately.

Sukkot 2012

Also this year EHOP wants to initiate the celebration of Sukkot with intercessors and worshippers from Holland and abroad. We have booked a gorgeous location in Rhenen, The Netherlands, from the 1st unto the 7th of October. It’s a countryhouse, called ‘The Hill’, that accommodates a stay for multiple people. We long for a week in which Yeshua can spend intimate time with His bride in Europe. We also long to share our lives with each other as children from the same Father.

The program (link to program Sukkot) will be made definitive in the coming weeks. Anyway the days will be filled with different moments of passionate worship and fervent prayer. Everyday we will take time to go up in Gods presence. Besides that we will have interesting people speak on topics like intimacy, End times, Intercession, Israel etc.


Everyone willing to join is welcome! In order to stay and eat with us, we need you to book, because there is no infinite number of beds and diner seats. Application goes via this application form below. Please let us know for how many days you are coming and what gifting, talent or message you bring.

Facilities and Costs

There are costs for staying overnight and eating. The rates are mentioned here:

  • Staying overnight: € 15,00
  • Breakfast: € 2,00
  • Lunch: € 3,00
  • Dinner : € 5,00

These costs are only for the use of practical facilities. The costs for the conference will be collected by love offerings. When you book, please let us know what kind of room you prefer. As long as we have space we will meet your requests. Final remark: Don’t forget to bring your own bedding and towels.

Registration Sukkot 2012


Your name:

Your email:

Your phone number:

Number of persons

For how many persons do you want to register for Sukkot 2012?

Number of adults:
Number of youth (age 16-25):
Number of children under age 16:

Which days do you want to attend?

Monday 1 OctoberTuesday 2 OctoberWednesday 3 OctoberThursday 4 OctoberFriday 5 OctoberSaturday 6 OctoberSunday 7 October

Registration for staying overnight at De Hught

Do you want to sleep in "De Hught"?noyes

How many nights do you (or your group) want to sleep in De Hught (between 0 and 6 nights)?

Which days do you want to sleep in De Hught?


During Sukkot we will eat together. Here you can register for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
The registration for the meals is the same for every person you want to register. So if for example one of the persons who is joining you does not want to have breakfast he/she has to fill in a separate registration form.

  Number of days Which days?


Amount of days you (or your group) want
to have breakfast à €2,00 (between 0-7):



Amount of days you (or your group) want
to have lunch à €3,00 (between 0-7):



Amount of days you (or your group) want
to have dinner à €5,00 (between 0-7):



Calculate the total amount you have to pay for lunches and/or dinners before you arrive:

Price stayover costs, breakfast, lunches and/or dinners: €

Please notice: if you change this form before sending, please calculate the total price again.


We can use a lot of volunteers to help us with cleaning, doing the dishes and preparing the meals. Please indicate here if you are able to help us out.
I am not able to help (for example due to health issues)Yes, I want to be a volunteer!


If you have any questions you can fill in this field. We will try to contact you as as soon as possible.

Question / remark (optional)

Thank you for completing this form! After sending this form you will receive an email from EHOP with information about how to pay. If we have received your payment your booking will be confirmed with a confirmation email.

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