Road to Israel 2012


Road to Israel 2012

January 19, 2012
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The ones that check our website regularly already knew, but we are going on outreach to Israel! From the 20th of May unto the 8th of June we will be in the Promised Land. For us this is a milestone in the existence of EHOP. From the moment we got the calling as team to run the house of prayer, God was speaking about taking people to Israel. Not only to see, enjoy and fall in love with this nation, but especially to restore the altar of praise and prayer in the land.

The funny thing is, that we never had time, money or prophetic words to really go for almost 2 years now. To some of us this was difficult! We were so busy with building the house, forming the team and many other things, that Israel remained a nice dream. It was in the beginning of 2012 that God first spoke about going with our team to pray and worship Him in Israel. The only thing we did than was to open this trip for people that wanted to come. To our amazement 8 other people felt that God wants them to join us. So we are preparing for a group trip to the Holy Land:) One of the words we have received is that God wants to shake us (in a positive sense) all upside down!

The trip will consist of 3 parts:

  1. A week in Jerusalem to visit the houses of prayer there and join different ministries. During this week we will lead people around and share the revelations we have as EHOP received
  2. A week to explore the nation in smaller groups, so everyone gets the change to see what he wants to see.
  3. Some last days in Jerusalem to conclude all we did and saw with worship and intercession.

Because of the apartment we have booked it is no longer possible to apply for this trip, but people who want to join us next time are welcome to send us an email so we can keep them updated on next trips.

(Please note: as of 7th May 2012 it is no longer possible to apply for this outreach)

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